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Arrived in the Mikunniverse, what next?

Discussion in 'General Information: START HERE' started by Liu-Kang, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Liu-Kang

    Liu-Kang CMDR Liu/Liu-Kang Staff Member

    Dear Commanders,

    welcome to the Mikunniverse. Your first task now should be to get allied with one of our supported minor factions. To get allied go to the Bulletin Board of each system and do missions for each of the below mentioned minor factions.

    These systems are under our jurisdiction: Please only push the faction highlighted for the system and try not to harm them with missions.

    e.g. Kill person x associated with Guild of Sefrys, Mercs or Dukes

    Sefrys, get allied with The Mercs of Mikunn faction.

    HR 7327, Sukua, Wangana, Noco & Maiphu: here you should get allied with The Dukes of Mikunn

    Mikunn, get allied with The Guild of Sefrys faction.

    - Mercs of Mikunn
  2. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder Merc

    Hello Chaps. Ben Ryder here. Just popping in to join the fun.
  3. Arthur P

    Arthur P Galactic Traveller Extraordinaire

    Welcome Ben Ryder,

    which fun exactly are you referring to? Are you planning on joining the Mercs?
  4. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder Merc

    Yeah why not. I've been playing power play for ages and have seen some interesting developments where minor factions and powers are staring to interact and would like to be a part of that, rather than just seeing it from one side.
  5. Lucifer Wolfgang

    Lucifer Wolfgang Founder Staff Member

    What about the Guardians of Harmony? You can be a member of multiple groups, but you need to be careful about watching for conflicts of interest.

    Also are you more interested in the BGS or Powerplay. It looks like we are going to start doing both.
  6. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder Merc

    I do the admin for Guardians of Harmony (GoH). It's a fairly small group with a drop in drop out policy that pretty much manages itself. Its a place where casual players can interact with the BGS without any fuss. GoH are well out of harms way in HIP 118213 and that's the only system that is special. Their expansions are fairly random and nothing that anyone would care about if lost.

    I'm very much in to power play, mostly concerning the independent powers. I'm not really interested in the Federation or the Empire.

    I'm fine with conflicts of Interest. Haven't had a problem ever in the past. If ever there looks like there's one brewing I just try and diffuse the situation or surface whatever the issue is. If that looks like too much like hard work or there are too many hot heads in the room, I just jump in my cobra and head to a permit system for a couple of weeks.

    I'm interested in the cross play of the BGS and Power play. The various touch points and perspectives. The BGS is mostly fixed and working now. A lot more people understand it now. Power Play has grown up. Player Minor Factions are everywhere. Now the two are growing up together in the same galaxy and I'm keen to see what kind of kids they will have or if they will just pull each others hair. For now I think they need to each have their own bed rooms until they get to know each other a bit better.

    To sum it up I'm keen to see how the BGS, PMFs and PP can evolve over the next year or two.
  7. Lucifer Wolfgang

    Lucifer Wolfgang Founder Staff Member

    Me too. I'll give you access soon.
  8. Arthur P

    Arthur P Galactic Traveller Extraordinaire

    Don't get me wrong, welcome indeed.
    I'm just surprised, you are a very active member of the frontier forums almost a celebrity with probably thousands of posts there:D.

    With your interest in the cross play of PP and BGS you've probably picked the best time to join our group. Very exciting times ahead.
    I'd suggest that you make your way over to Mikunn and start to get to know our little corner of the galaxy.

    Btw: Which timezone do you live in or better yet, at what time are you active, if I may ask?
  9. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder Merc

    Thanks! That's very kind of you. Yes now does seem to be the most exciting time to get involved. I've followed the Mercs since day one but never really had much time for the BGS because it was broken in so many ways. So I pushed for improvements to unsung stuff like smuggling, long range and chained missions and more recently colonization, until they because a thing. Over the last few months it the BGS has improved massively an dI'd say it is as good as working. My interest in PP is not as full on as it used to be. I've kind of got to the tail end of what I think can be learned about it. So it's BGS and PP for me. Where betteer to get involved than with the pioneers of it all.

    I'll do my fortification runs and have a wander over to mercs in my trusty cobra.

  10. Ganjanoof

    Ganjanoof Lance Corporal

    Hello, I know your forum avatar indeed.
    Welcome to the Mercs !
  11. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder Merc

    Thanks Commander :D
  12. Death Magnet

    Death Magnet Moderator

    Well Hello Ben. Is a bit of surprise to see you in here.
  13. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder Merc

    I pop up here and here, seeking the new and the interesting. Well it's all about the bacgk ground sim, player factions and interactions. So where better to get involved and a decent education than from teh best teachers in the galaxy. I'm looking forward to having some time to read the history and development of the mercs. Tonight I'm doing my usual Power Play fortification, sipping tea and browsing. Tomorrow I will be heading off to pick up my Cobra near Isinor where I hope to hit Elite combat rating after playing with just a keyboard and no fancy stuff like a mouse. Soon as I hit that I'll be of to be a Merc! Looking forward to my first mission and getting to know you all. better.
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  14. Ganjanoof

    Ganjanoof Lance Corporal

    Drinking tea and playing with the keyboard. You should found a club with Light Fingers (not a Merc but a friend). :cool:
  15. Ben Ryder

    Ben Ryder Merc

    I have some amazing beers,ale and wine. I ma going to be a bit plastered tonight. There may be strange posts. I need a mission!
  16. Ganjanoof

    Ganjanoof Lance Corporal

    First mission : travel to Sefrys and enter the Respite without causing any damage to others or to their property !
    Then report here :p
  17. Lucifer Wolfgang

    Lucifer Wolfgang Founder Staff Member

    Wadir is at war. We are hitting it to capture a secondary outpost. Once that ends we can focus our efforts elsewhere.
  18. Wolfe3

    Wolfe3 Merc

    Post moved to proper area.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
  19. several

    several Lance Corporal

    Welcome Wolfe3!

    Teamspeak shouldnt be an issue, as it is available for Smartphones too :)
  20. Taskchair

    Taskchair Enlistee

    So I just arrived at Mikunn. Accepting missions should I take any assualting the Kigeadu Domain then if we are to ally with the guild of sefrys?