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Elite: Dangerous PVP Subreddit

Discussion in 'Open Channel Ally threads' started by [RA]AshesOfHegemony, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Hi there guys! This is my first post in your forums. I am a diplomatic leader for Reign of Annihilation. We'd like to extend our hand in PVP support for you guys and also have opened up a new subreddit to promote more PVP within the ED universe! We heard you guys were interested in both a possible alliance, and new opportunities at some dedicated PVP. Here is our response! We hope you can lend a hand with the forum/diplomacy types of interactions. We aren't exactly the best diplomats, seeing as we prefer to shoot first and ask questions later ;). Check it out. https://www.reddit.com/r/Elite_PVP/

    If you want to see this be successful, please send some Karma my way(i blew too many people up =(...) and upvote the official post on for the thread on the main Elite: Dangerous reddit!

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  2. Death Magnet

    Death Magnet Moderator

    Hey guys. If anyone is wondering I gave him permission to post in the open portion of our forums. I know some of us like to PvP and having someone organize this aspect for us would be nice. Ideally it would be a quick link to find out where you can find PvP so your not wondering the Galaxy trying to find someone.
  3. Death Magnet

    Death Magnet Moderator

    Ashes, just remember this is an open thread. Anyone visiting can read this thread.
  4. Yep, its all good man! I just wanted to bring attention to something i thought might be great for the community.
  5. Death Magnet

    Death Magnet Moderator

    No worries. All references removed.