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    This will help determine the severity of the condition, and design a proper treatment plan accordingly It is possible to restore the normal Skincell Pro pigmentation of the discolored skin patches with proper treatment Finally, be sure to maintain good personal hygiene to avoid this fungal infection in the future The rash caused by a fungal infection can look similar to the rash caused by skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis Fungal infections mostly affect the moist and warm areas of the body, like the armpit, buttock, and the groin area, as fungi need a warm and moist environment to survive But occasionally, the rash caused by a fungal infection can appear on the face as well There can be several types of fungal infections, which can cause the appearance of skin rash It can be caused by ringworm or tine corporals, tine curries or jock itch, and tine vesicular Fungal Infections of the Skin Causes The population of fungi in our body is kept under control by the immune system and the beneficial bacteria residing in our body Therefore, any condition or factor that can weaken the immune system, or destroy the beneficial bacteria can cause a fungal infection For example, the long-term use of antibiotics can reduce the number of beneficial bacteria in our body, and as a result fungi can multiply rapidly Similarly, immunosuppressant drugs can also promote the overgrowth of fungus, as these drugs are used to suppress the immune system Some other risk factors for this condition are, diabetes, obesity, excessive sweating, loss of mobility for a long time, and incontinence Symptoms The skin rash caused by a fungal infection is usually red, and the color is more intense towards the center However, the appearance of the rash can differ depending on the type of infection

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