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Discussion in 'General Information: START HERE' started by Zooya Ali, Aug 9, 2017.

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    This hormone produced by the pituitary gland is located in the lower part of the brain and is essential for physical growth It guarantees DSN Code Black an increase in HG by up to 26% Rapid muscle recovery after training The muscle is exposed to a certain amount of effort due to physical exercises and its recovery provides a better performance for an upcoming workout Gain lean mass more efficiently Burns body fat in all parts of the body Also, in the abdominal region Reduction of fatigue and greater willingness to continue practicing physical activities Functions of ingredients in It is for weight loss and increased muscle mass for people who train Therefore, contains all the elements that the body needs Being a natural product have in their composition minerals and vitamins essential for the human organism Saw palmetto – This substance influences on the regulation of growth hormone essential for the immune system, hair recovery, among others Orchic – It helps in normalization of hormonal activity It acts in the normalization of the metabolism of proteins and fats By this factor it helps in weight loss Boron – It is a mineral that minimizes the risk of inflammations and increased levels of vitamin D Tongkat ali – Aids in the reduction of tiredness and muscle fatigue Also, protein synthesis improves, which is the process of producing proteins determined by DNA Nettle extract – It has large amounts of iron and calcium, among other components It serves to soften the muscle aches that can result in cramps They help in fat loss due to its thermogenic action It facilitates the gain of muscle mass

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