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Discussion in 'General Information: START HERE' started by Azmi Naz, Aug 31, 2017.

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    There's no reason to suffer through with sleepless nights when you can use a melatonin natural sleep aid Many people suffer from sleeplessness Somnapure and have trouble getting to sleep at night Many of these people look to natural sleep aids to help them get proper nights sleep The question is how to you find one that works for you? Natural sleep aids can be quite expensive and can cost up to $75 for a months supply which is not cheap If you spend that much money on a cure for your disrupted sleep patterns then you obviously want it to work The problem is that everyone is different and what may work for someone might not work for someone else You can read all the reviews or testimonials in the world or on the web with people crediting this or that pill that helped them get to sleep but it might not work for you If you are having trouble getting to sleep then you are not alone as many people suffer from insomnia For some people they have trouble getting to sleep whilst others get to sleep only to wake up a few hours later and then are unable to get to sleep again It is believed approximately 74% of all Americans do not get enough sleep every night and 33% have trouble sleeping every night If you don't get enough sleep then it can really be harmful to your health The type of health problems that people who have trouble sleeping at night may suffer from include: - Blurred vision - Clinical depression - Dizziness - General confusion In general a lack of sleep will weaken your immune system and you will find that you get colds, pick up bugs and viruses much more easily than before Why People Have Trouble Falling Asleep There are many reasons why people have trouble getting to sleep but for many it is down to melatonin levels