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    Continue reading to know what these ingredients do Epimedium – Commonly known as Horny goat weed which inhibits the effect PerformX Testo of PDE-5 enzyme and mimics the effect of icariin (compound like Viagra) which ultimately increases the testosterone level in the body It works by stimulating nitric oxide synthesis which leads to the increased level of Nitric oxide and affects your blood flow in the body It contains 37 flavonoids that improve the testosterone level thus helps in giving erection for a longer time Sarsaparilla and Boron – Dip in the testosterone level can make you frustrated in your daily life and when your partner is not able to climax well then it starts affecting our masculinity image Both of these ingredients helps you to give a mental clarity by improving your intelligibility so you can be more concentrated in work Tongkat Ali – It has an aphrodisiac property which makes it the most sought after ingredient among users who wish to have an active sex life Saponin and eury-comanone, its two important components are steroid hormones but works better than it excluding the side effects It stimulates our body to produce testosterone by stimulating the smooth muscles in the penis which gives a rock hard erection to last longer in bed It also improves the masculine image towards your partner by increasing the stamina and delays the onset of fatigue in mind