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    They comprise microorganisms like molds, yeast, mushrooms, etc There are about 50,000 kinds of fungi, of which only a few dozen are known to be harmful to humans Usually, fungi coexist with other microorganisms that dwell in the Perlelux body, in perfect harmony However, sometimes they result in minor to life-threatening infections When certain fungi cause inflammation of the sinuses, the condition is known as a fungal sinus infection Fungal Ball Overgrowth of fungal elements in the maxillary sinus or cheek is called a fungal ball sinus infection An organism belonging to the Aspergillums family (common bread mold family), is responsible for this condition Patients suffering from this, usually have a history of recurrent sinus infections Their sinuses get blocked by the fungus, however, no bone destruction is observed Its treatment involves removal of the fungal ball Allergic Fungal Sinusitis Infection Allergic fungal sinusitis infection is caused by fungi belonging to the Dematiaceous family, and are quite common in the environment Thick drainage and nasal polyps are observed when infected by this fungi The treatment comprises removal of all fungal elements from the sinus and re-establishment of sinus drainage The recurrence of this sinus infection is higher than the fungal ball, due to the allergic component (people are allergic to this fungus) involved in this condition The infected sinus of the patient will be blocked Bone thinning and occasional bone destruction can also be observed

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