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Who we are looking for...

Discussion in 'General Information: START HERE' started by Liu-Kang, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Liu-Kang

    Liu-Kang CMDR Liu/Liu-Kang Staff Member

    So, have you heard of the place? The one on the edge of civilized space? No? Well let me tell you about it…..

    They say it’s a place where the traders bathe in rivers of palladium protected by combat pilots that appear out of nowhere, sometimes flying ships that don’t appear on radar!

    It’s a place ruled by exiled Imperial Dukes, protected by a mercenary army. Not just any mercenary army, no this one is known as much for its tenacity and influence as it is for its loyalty and dedication.

    Anyone one can be accepted into their army! From the lowliest of pilots to the richest of merchants. No one is too small or too big to join. You leave your status at the door because rank and status do not matter.Their strength is in their unity not their prestige.

    They do not hide their business in the dark unreachable corners of the galaxy (we play in open). No. They stand in front of Galaxy and say,”Here we are! This is what we are going to do! And you can’t stop us!” The craziest part is that they are right! They have never failed a mission! It doesn’t matter if they are fighting in a war, building a station or supplying materials to build a ship. If they arrive, you know the job will get done.

    Yes, they always get the job done. Not by nefarious methods or by using strange alien technology (we don't use cheats or exploits). They are normal pilots flying normal ships. Well outfitted for sure but nothing that any other pilot couldn’t equip.

    For these reasons they are coveted by allies and feared by enemies but respected by both.

    You want to join you say? Well first you have to make it to Mikunn. That’s the hardest part. What’s so hard you say? Well, beware the desert. I have heard of many pilots attempt the trip only to be found without fuel, food or water. Alone is some cold star system with no hope of survival or rescue.

    Still want to join? Well, like I said. Start by seeing if you can make it to Mikunn. We’ll talk again if you make it there. Good luck CMDR!

  2. prefix

    prefix Merc

    Yes to all of the above :) I'm heading for Mikunn now, do we use a private group?

    I used to play in the early versions of the beta (when there was just trading, just got back into it, looks awesome!
  3. Liu-Kang

    Liu-Kang CMDR Liu/Liu-Kang Staff Member


    We prefer to stay in open play and no group.

    Try to join the Teamspeak ...
  4. Bainn

    Bainn Merc

    Hi all.

    Hoping to join in the next day or so if you'll have me. I do a bit of trading and some ratting. Is there a requirement on game time as I am very much a whenever I get the time kind of player :p

    Also, any tips or things I should do before head down to Mikunn? Flying a Cobra atm although it's not fully kitted in the best stuff, very much a try and make do situation. Is there a system near by Mikunn that I can upgrade components etc?


  5. Arthur P

    Arthur P Galactic Traveller Extraordinaire

    Hello and welcome,
    we are mostly from america and europe, so there is almost always someone online.
    Don't forget to equip a fuel scoop before you make your way, cause there are not too many settled systems, depends from where you start.

    Basic outfitting can be done at Kwatee but there are also a few high tech worlds close (~ 50 ly) to Mikunn. If you get here soon, you might want to fit your cobra for trading/hauling.
  6. Bainn

    Bainn Merc

    Thats cool. Im from the UK myself.

    Ah that's a relief. I was worried it would be a lengthy trip to upgrade.

    Any particular reason for trading/hauling? Current goal?

    Never leave home without a fuel scoop lol ;)
  7. Arthur P

    Arthur P Galactic Traveller Extraordinaire

    Make your way to Mikunn then we'll see what needs to be done.;)
  8. JohnWayne

    JohnWayne Lance Corporal

    When you arrive to Mikunn, and when you get approved by our command, you will know everything you need to know;-)
  9. Bainn

    Bainn Merc

    Aye aye.

    I'll try and make the trip tonight. If you want me to gear up for trading I can.
  10. Jacob Govatos

    Jacob Govatos Enlistee

    Hello! I'm a new new hot shot bounty hunter looking to join the Mercs if you'll have me. I've been playing for 8 days and have logged roughly 30 hours thus far.

    I made the trip to Mikunn last night and ran a few missions and made about 200,000 in credits in order to get my rep up with the Dukes.

    Let me know what the next step is. Thanks!
  11. Liu-Kang

    Liu-Kang CMDR Liu/Liu-Kang Staff Member

    Hi all,

    @jacob: get onto our teamspeak ...
  12. Jacob Govatos

    Jacob Govatos Enlistee

    Ok now I'm on the teamspeak. It seems everyone is currently in one of the trade chat rooms or the AFK room. The trade chat room says that I don't have privileges to enter. you'll find me in the Mercs of Mikunn room twiddling my thumbs :) I've never used teamspeak before today so I'm not quite sure what the next step is. Thanks!
  13. Lucifer Wolfgang

    Lucifer Wolfgang Founder Staff Member

    I'm so sorry. Did you get let in/ can you remind me what happened? Its an intense week for us.
  14. Bainn

    Bainn Merc

    I made it down to Mikunn the other night and raised myself up to 'friendly' status with the Dukes.
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  15. Arthur P

    Arthur P Galactic Traveller Extraordinaire

    Great! Welcome to Mikunn. You might want to help with the station-building CG in nearby Kwatee. But beware! Our enemies and random pirates want to prevent the Dukes getting more Power in this sector.
  16. Bainn

    Bainn Merc

    Ahead of you there mate, in the top 75% :D

    Haven't had any trouble with pirates yet (fingers crossed), but I'm only doing short distance trades.
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  17. Hi! Im cmdr Melkokjeks and i've been helping out abit with the local community goal in Kwatee. It would be really interesting to getting to know alittle more about the mercs and what you guys plan to do in the future
  18. Death Magnet

    Death Magnet Moderator

    Helllo Mellkogkjeks (thats a mouth full).

    You should hop on teamspeak. That's the best way to find out current events as they happen.
  19. Will do=) Funfact, melkogkjeks means milk and cookies in norwegian
  20. Death Magnet

    Death Magnet Moderator

    Well look at that. I was right and didn't even know it. It is a mouth full.